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Bonsai soils in the United States vary not only by region but also within the same societies, and when you put ten people in a room and talk about soils you will probably get eight to ten different opinions. Satsuki Bonsai-en, Importer of Satsuki Azaleas uses Kanuma in potting azaleas when they arrive from Japan. Kanuma is the soil they grow in Japan and Kanuma over the many years has proven to provide the ideal conditions needed in the development of Satsuki.

Many different sands (volcanic Pumice) are used by the Japanese Bonsai artist depending on the type of Bonsai He/She is working with. When using Japanese soils the discussion seem to migrate to what is better the soft or hard (baked) soils… In Kanuma I only know of the soft variety – It absorbs about 10 times it’s weight in water and then sheds what ever extra is applied. Since Azaleas like a moist soil and not to be overly wet again Kanuma seems to be a top choice for Azaleas. Azaleas will grow in any reasonable soil that can maintain the correct conditions but it is up to the grower to learn their area conditions and the soil they use to insure these conditions are beneficial for their collections.


Shipping of small quantity's may be thru USPS Flat Rate Boxes – Shipping, Handling, Delivery confirmation and Ins for $22.00 (Cost may change if USPS changes) any where USPS Flat rate is available in the USA.

Wholesale prices are available with a minimum order of 10 bags at 20% off retail Price. Quantity prices (Min 100 bags) are 30 % off retail prices. (Shipping depends on weight and Zip code).
Soil sizes are generally the same (there maybe a slight difference in brand names)



Satsuki Bonsai–en makes available a number of the soils used in Japan for the beginner and experienced grower.



Kanuma (soft)

for Azaleas and other flowering varieties that require moist but not wet conditions.
Bonsai Akadama Doublelined Soil



in two brand names (both are hard baked ), Double line and Kotobuki





Aoki Blend (Akadama, Kiryu and Hyuga)

pre-sifted and sized for conifers and Deciduous



Bonsai Fuji Soil Small



A Black stone used for top dressing pots.
Bonsai Fuji Soil Small



Volcanic Pumice Rock

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