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YAMAGOKE MOSS (Mountain Moss)

300 gram bale

Yamagoke is a dead moss used to cover Kanuma and Akadama soils from Japan. Collected in china washed and pressure packed cleanly - this moss has several purposes:

1. It holds the light soils in place when watering when the moss dries out it does not separate from the soil.

2. Holds humidity in the soil Species like Azaleas like to be kept moist not wet and it keeps moisture at the surface to keep feeder roots alive.

3. - Yamagoke is an acidic moss that leaches a small amount of acid into the soil when watering (Azaleas love it)

Used when potting get the tree set and soil in place but before watering Have the yamagoke in a bucket of water well soaked.  Taking a hand full of moss - ring out the excess water and  apply to the surface approximately inch thick (of course depending on the size of the pot) press firmly all over and into the nooks and crannies  on Nabari and around the edge of the pot. Then water the tree thoroughly from overhead until the water runs clear from the bottom.

$25.00 *Shipping Charges: 1 Bale-$13.50 2 to 3 Bales-$19.00 greater than 3 bales needs to be verified by zip code

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