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The Art of Flowering Bonsai

By Peter D. Adams

The Art of Flowering Bonsai - Peter D. Adams

A excellent look at all types of flowering Bonsai looks at ten species in depth. Adams (Bonsai Designs, Sterling, 1996) is one of the world's leading bonsai experts and winner of numerous medals for his trees. This his seventh bonsai book could easily capture the imagination and interest of anyone with no previous interest in the topic. Flowering trees are not usually considered for bonsai, but they can be successful when specimens with small flowers and berries are selected. The 60 color photos are stunning, but the text is what makes this book a winner. Adams, an artist by training, illustrates his well-organized and clearly presented instructions with excellent line drawings. The first section covers terminology and general principles. In the second section, techniques for ten flowering trees are described in detail, including suggestions for container shape and color.

*Format: Hardcover *Pages: 174

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